Running Ubuntu ppc64le for OpenStack CI on Power platform

As part of the OpenStack Continuous Integration eco system, the IBM Power platform runs its own 3rd party CI against OpenStack patches submitted to by the developers in the worldwide community. The main goal of this initiative is to confirm that the Power platform is supported in the OpenStack cloud and avoid breakages in the code.

Ubuntu ppc64le has been used as the base operating system for running automated tests in OpenStack through the several CI jobs. These jobs in the CI world are called as “gate” jobs since they run integration tests by deploying a full OpenStack cloud through the Devstack scripts. The current image in production for running gate jobs is Ubuntu vivid 15.04. The OpenStack CI on Power includes KVM on Power and Ironic, that is, it covers virtualized and bare-metal testing.

Recently I published a post about increasing test coverage in OpenStack CI. This blog gives an overview on what has been done in the CI realm for the last development cycle:

Now with Ubuntu Xenial Xerus 16.04 LTS released, the CI infrastructure is switching gears to OpenStack 13 Mitaka as the base cloud, Ubuntu Xenial ppc64le (Ubuntu KVM) as the host operating system and as the devstack image as well. Also, the new Mitaka cloud will be using MaaS – – to automate the physical servers deployment. The experience with MaaS and Power was really cool and deserves a new blog post.

May the Power be with you.

One thought on “Running Ubuntu ppc64le for OpenStack CI on Power platform

  1. It always amazes me on how many platforms Linux runs. Especially Ubuntu appears to be very popular. I’m more of the minimal architectures (Arch) myself but still can’t deny the incredible success Ubuntu has and that’s only good for Linux as a platform.

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