Snap on Power

Ubuntu created an interesting way of distributing binaries called snap, and the snap tool is available in Power since Ubuntu 16.04.

Snap is a way to make packages available with their dependencies on a sandbox. You can install it using apt:

# apt-get install snapd

You can search for packages using the find parameter as:

1604 ➜  ~  snap find     
Name                Version               Developer    Notes    Summary
ab                  1.0                   snappy-test  -        Test snap with shortest name
audovia             3.2.2                 songbuilder  9.99USD  Database application for making music using JFugue MusicStrings
beagleblack         3.1                   mvo          -        OEM Beagle Bone Black
canonical-dragon    0.7.1                 canonical    -        The gadget snap for the dragonboard
canonical-i386      3.2.i386              canonical    -        The gadget snap for generic i386 systems
canonical-pc        3.2                   canonical    -        AMD64 generic package
canonical-pi2       3.2                   canonical    -        Raspberry Pi 2 support package
eeevil              1                     chipaca      -        very evil
hello               2.10                  canonical    -        GNU Hello, the "hello world" snap
hello-world         6.1                   canonical    -        Hello world example
htop                2.0.1                 maxiberta    -        Interactive processes viewer
http                4.6692016091          chipaca      -        HTTPie in a snap
morse-converter-py  1-2                   brunonova    -        Simple command-line Morse converter
snappy-debug        0.21                  canonical    -        Debug tools for ubuntu-core
sudo                1                     chipaca      -        not sudo
ubuntu-core         16.04+20160531.11-53  canonical    -        The ubuntu-core OS snap
ufw                 0.36pre-16.2          canonical    -        ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall) for Ubuntu Core
xkcd-webserver      16.04-6               canonical    -        Show random XKCD compic via a build-in webserver
1604 ➜  ~  snap install htop
error: access denied (snap login --help)

In order to install a package/snap you should use the install parameter:

1604 ➜  ~  sudo snap install htop
228.00 KB / 228.00 KB [=================================================================================================>_] 100.00 % 100.81 KB/s 

Name  Version  Rev  Developer  Notes
htop  2.0.1    18   maxiberta  -

And list the packages available using the word list:

1604 ➜  ~  snap list
Name         Version               Rev  Developer  Notes
htop         2.0.1                 18   maxiberta  -
ubuntu-core  16.04+20160531.11-53  125  canonical  -


Anyway, another  great tool for the Power ecosystem.


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