How to install IBM Java version 8 on Ubuntu

IBM provides a very powerful IBM Java for Linux. I will give the details on how to install it on Ubuntu version 16.04 (Xenial) on the ppc64el platform.

  1. Download the binary from the developerWorks page.
  2. Once you download it, give execution permission to the binary, as:chmod.png
  3. Choose the language you wish, and then the license will be shown to you, as: license.png
  4. Read the license, and if you agree, press 1.
  5. You will be able to select in which directory IBM Java will be installed, as:license.png
    1. In this case, I just pressed <Enter> to use the default path.
  6. Once you press <Enter>, the process starts. Once the process finish, you press <Enter> to exit the installer, as showed:almost
  7. After that you can load IBM Java from /opt/ibm/java-ppc64el-80/bin/java.

You can have both OpenJDK and IBM Java installed on you system, if you want to have both, as showed:


I tested these steps on both Ubuntu 15.04 and 16.04.


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